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A blog about Cataclean

Date: Thursday 18 June 2020

Hi everyone,

A quick introduction, I am Daniel Rowbottom and I am a Professional British Touring Car driver and full time garage owner.

Even with these very full time occupations I am always looking out for products or services that can give me more time to focus on what is important. After what seems an eternity - during which many of us have been out of work, out of rhythm and perhaps if we are honest a little concerned for our futures. Having witnessed the country and in fact the whole world taking un-precedented measures to try and master the spread of the Covid-19 Virus- it is for many of us time time return to work, if not normality.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop a note to everybody to say that as we all start heading back out into the world of work it would be all to easy to overlook the fact that our cars have sat almost idle for the past few months and they may require a little more TLC than you would normally give them. Sure modern cars are very reliable and gone are the days of flat batteries after a few days of inactivity and I won’t insult people’s intelligence by going over in detail the basic checks of oil/coolant/tyre pressure etc.

My focus is to tell you about a great product that is manufactured by my title sponsorship partner in my motorsport activities. Cataclean… a great British Brand.

Manufactured in the UK, Cataclean’s product is an Automotive Fuel System Cleaner, unrivalled in its simplicity and effectiveness, thousands of fantastic reviews over the years can’t be wrong, not to mention the miles and miles of private testing and data that Cataclean have collated for nearly 30yrs to make sure they can back up any claims made or given.

Now I can hear you say…”he would say that wouldn’t he”…but seriously, I have to say Cataclean really are a brilliant company to deal with, I have never seen a brand in the Automotive After-sales market back up their product the way that Cataclean do, in fact so sure are they about the product they regularly run a Money Back Guarantee offer through their retail partners. The offer in short is - if you buy Cataclean, use it in the correct way, and then fail your MOT emissions they will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

In terms of the product, it has many advantages and really is a one stop ‘complete fuel system cleaner’ - cleaning everything that the fuel touches such as Fuel Injectors, Fuel Pump, Intake valves (where applicable) and wthen during the combustion process the product turns into a gas which then goes on to clean everything else! EGR, Turbo, Catalytic Converter and DPF in diesel applications, as well as the new GPF filters on DI Petrols. It really is an incredible bottle of liquid!

Why use it now? - The product also acts as a great fuel stabiliser and octane booster, giving fuel a couple of points gain in octane… make it a great, “return to work” product. If by now your car has been sat for a few months, perhaps with a considerable amount of fuel in, then Cataclean’s fuel system cleaner can help to stabilise that fuel and give the car every chance of returning to normal service with zero side effects.

It’s goes without saying that with a cleaner fuel system users will enjoy the benefits of better fuel consumption, lower ongoing maintenance costs and much cleaner emissions, something which we have all seen the benefit of during the lockdown!

In the garage trade we have had wonder products come and go, but Cataclean are into their 28th year of manufacture of this product which I believe speaks volumes, personally have tried and tested this product seeing if it would fail to live up to the claims, we have DYNO tested it, used it live in the field, and used to to try and rectify emissions faults that we just can’t fathom and it has surpassed expectations every time!

At a very reasonable price per treatment and a recommended treatment frequency of 4 times a year, why wouldn’t you treat the car to a “nice meal out” and reap the benefits in the long term in your wallet? Sounds like a no-brainer to me!

Take care, and I wish you all the best as we try and get back to normal,

Stay Safe!

Daniel Rowbottom