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Additional bank holiday for 2022

Date: Thursday 05 August 2021

Lawgistics have recently issued a reminder about the extra public holiday on 3rd June 2022 which will result in a four-day bank holiday weekend to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The Spring Bank Holiday, usually the last Monday in May, will be moved to Thursday, 2nd June 2022.

So, how does this affect you and your employees?
As a reminder, there is no statutory right for employees to take bank holidays off work. Any right to time off will be subject to the employee’s contract. Therefore, if an employee works a bank holiday, there is no statutory right to extra pay. For example, an employer is not under an obligation to pay time and a half, unless stated within the contract.

If the employee’s contract specifies the employee is required to work on bank holidays, then the employee cannot refuse to work – even for religious reasons. However, employers should be aware that a refusal to grant an employee of Christian faith time off for any of the bank holidays with religious significance could amount to indirect discrimination if it places them at a particular disadvantage when compared to other employees of differing faiths or are nonreligious.

If the contracts of employment are worded to state that employees are entitled to “statutory entitlement plus bank holidays”, this no longer denotes 20 days’ leave plus eight bank holidays, and therefore the employee would be entitled to the additional bank holiday.

This could be an issue for employers with a holiday year that runs from April to March and the timing of Easter weekend is such that the employee could receive as many as 10 bank holidays in one holiday year or as few as six bank holidays the next year.

It should also be remembered, a part-time worker has the right to not be treated less favourably compared to a full-time worker and this includes bank holiday entitlement.

The best practice and safest approach to part-time employees is to give them a pro-rata allowance of paid bank holidays, irrespective of whether or not they normally work on the days on which the bank holidays fall.

To summarise, below are the dates for the public holidays for 2022:

3 January Monday New Year's Day (substitute day)
3 January Tuesday  Scotland only
17 March Thursday Northern Ireland only
15 April Friday Good Friday
18 April  Monday  Easter Monday (except Scotland) 
2 May Monday Early May Bank Holiday 
2 June  Thursday  Spring Bank Holiday 
3 June  Friday  Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday 
12 July  Tuesday  Northern Ireland only 
1 August  Monday  Scotland only 
29 August  Monday  Summer Bank Holiday (except Scotland) 
30 November  Wednesday  Scotland only 
26 December  Monday  Boxing Day 
27 December  Tuesday  Christmas Day (substitute day)