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Advances in fuel additive technology promises significant savings for motorists amidst rising fuel costs

Date: Monday 11 March 2024

As motorists grapple with the escalating costs of fuel amidst economic challenges, the spotlight is once again on fuel additives as a potential solution to alleviate the burden of filling up.

Developed to minimise emissions, enhance fuel efficiency, and cleanse fuel system components, fuel additives are gaining traction for their potential to optimise vehicle performance and reduce operating costs, says fuel additives specialists, Fueltone Pro.

According to RAC Fuel Watch data, although fuel prices dipped at the start of the new year, with lows of £1.39 for petrol at one point, they are on their way back up, with the latest average prices for petrol sitting at £1.44 and diesel topping £1.52.[1]

Recent research conducted by Fueltone Pro, a leading developer of fuel additives based in Aberdeenshire, unveils the latest advancements in additive chemistry, offering promising savings for drivers and up to a five percent increase in vehicles’ fuel efficiency.

According to its findings, modern fuel additives can yield savings of over £80 annually for drivers covering the Department for Transport's (DfT) average estimate of 6,800 miles per year.

Robbie Gray, chairman at Fueltone Pro, comments: “As drivers feel the pinch from inflated petrol and diesel prices, more are turning to fuel additives to try and reduce their vehicles' fuel consumption, saving them money at the pumps.

“The cost of filling a vehicle remains extraordinarily high against the backdrop of inflationary pressures, the cost-of-living and the war in Ukraine. Drivers therefore should make use of products available in the automotive aftermarket to help them get the most from their fuel tanks.”

Even with a modest improvement in efficiency of five percent, a small petrol car with a tank size of 40 litres, achieving 45 miles per gallon, can gain an extra 20 miles of range.

Over the course of a year, depending on mileage made, this results in substantial savings of over a tank of fuel or more, which is a considerable amount of money, especially as the cost-of-living continues to rise.

Additive formulations will keep an engine clean, meaning the engine burns the fuel for longer and at a higher temperature, resulting in an increase in power for every millilitre of fuel that the vehicle consumes.

Fuel additives are developed to reduce emissions, improve fuel consumption, and clean up fuel system components.

Fueltone Pro’s petrol and diesel additive chemistry sits alongside the company’s range of engine flush treatments, diesel particulate filter cleaning agents, and Diesel System Primers.

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