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Apec launches new range of driveshafts, CV joints and boots

Date: Monday 17 January 2022

Apec continues to drive the way by adding a comprehensive range of driveshafts, CV joints and boots to its portfolio. By tapping into over 50 years of experience as an industry specialist, Apec once again expands its range to add further lines to the range of high-quality after-market parts available.

“As we diversify the Apec brand, we are aware more than ever the standards customer’s demand,” says Product Manager Nick Finch. That’s why we commit to the consistency of quality, precision-engineered auto parts throughout our entire catalogue.”

The range will consist of driveshafts, CV joints, boots and accessories. The driveshaft offering equates to 83% coverage of the UK car parc and an impressive 90% on CV joints. Using high-grade CF53 steel, induction hardened linear shafts and phosphate coating to protect against corrosion, all of our drivetrain lines also undergo rigorous production and post-production testing, which is supported by a competitive warranty and ensures the Apec line delivers quality you can trust.

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