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Arnold Clark Autoparts updates Ultratec Oil range

Date: Friday 05 May 2023

Leading motor factor Arnold Clark Autoparts has expanded its Ultratec oil product portfolio with the addition of eight new products, as the company continues to meet the demands of the growing market.

These latest additions include four new grades of oil, two gear oils, 75W80 semi-synthetic gear oil and 75W fully synthetic gear oil, one central hydraulic fluid and one power steering fluid.

Autoparts’ new oil grades include VC-Tec Eco OW-30 for Volvo, Volkswagen and BMW; VW-Tec OW-20 to cover Volkswagen, BMW and Porsche; VW-Tec Eco OW-30 to cover Volkswagen; and the JLR-Tec 5W-30 suitable for Jaguar Land Rover makes and models.

The VC-Tec Eco OW30 is a fully synthetic, high-performance engine oil that meets ACEA A5 / B5, API SL/CF specifications and is suitable for petrol and diesel vehicles.

Autoparts new VW-Tec OW-20 and VW-Tec OW-30 oils are fully synthetic low SAPS, fuel economy engine oils, the former meeting ACEA C5 and API SN Plus specifications, and the latter meeting ACEA C3 certification for the ultimate in fuel efficiency

Finally, the new JLR-Tec 5W-30 oil is a fully synthetic, low SAPS engine oil, offering significant fuel saving benefits and meets ACEA C1 specifications. All of Autoparts’ new oils meet OE standards and warranties for peace of mind.

Autoparts’ new EP 75W-80 is a high performing, semi synthetic gear oil that meets API GL-4 and GL-5 specifications. And the ECO 75W is a fully synthetic low-viscosity manual transmission fluid that meets API GL-4 specifications.

The distributor has also added a power steering fluid with long-life and superior system protection, and a high performing central hydraulic fluid to complete its popular Ultratec range.

To find out more about the latest Ultratec oils, please contact your local branch.