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AS-PL: We've taken Birmingham and Istanbul, but we still don't have enough!

Date: Monday 19 June 2023

Last week was very intense for us. It started with three very busy days at Automechanika Birmingham, and then about 3000 km further, you could meet us again at the Automechanika Istanbul. And that's not over yet!

It started out really good and then it only got better. Automechanika Birmingham is one of our favorite industry events. The last edition in which we participated took place in 2019 and a lot has changed since then - both in AS-PL and around the world. The only thing that has not changed is the huge turnout at the stand and the interest in our offer of alternators, starters and parts. Kevin, Kamil and Łukasz, who represented the company at this event, agree that Automechanika Birmingham is one of those fairs where working is a real pleasure.

The last day of Automechanika Birmingham was also the first day of Automechanika Istanbul. Many people who visited our stand in Great Britain also visited us in the capital of Turkey, about 3000 km from Birmingham.

If the fairs in Great Britain were demanding, those in Turkey exceeded our expectations. Paweł, Mateusz and Adam, who were present at the fair in Istanbul, said that it was one of the most intense events in which they took part. Such great interest in the development of our offer and quality products is a sign for us that we are going in the right direction!

‘Both events were very important to us and we have been preparing for them for a long time’ - says Paweł Kotala, Chief Sales Officer at AS-PL Sp. z o. o. ‘Both of the fairs - in Great Britain and those in Turkey were an excellent opportunity to meet clients from various, even the most distant parts of the world. That is why we really wanted to plan the meetings in such a way that everyone interested could come up, say hello, raise issues of interest to them and I think we have succeeded in doing so’ - informs Paweł Kotala.

The next events where you can meet our representatives will take place in Austria (AutoZum Salzburg), the Netherlands (Rematec Amsterdam) and the United Arab Emirates (Automechanika Dubai).