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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

Automechanika launches Digital Review of auto:resource

Date: Thursday 15 July 2021

After a successful six-month start, auto:resource brought to you by automechanika, has collated its most popular content with the most views from its aftermarket community in a newly launched Digital Review, as a way to celebrate the very best information and insights on the platform.

The new digital click book showcases the latest training, product information, promotions, business advice and insights from leading suppliers in one location.

The easily accessible and free-of-charge Digital Review can be viewed instantly and on the go at just the click of a button.

What’s more, users can access all of the informative industry blogs from key players in the industry, including Hayley Pells and Tom Denton, as well as webinars that auto:resource has curated and published, since December. The full version on each page can also be viewed by simply selecting articles or videos.

The Digital Review also includes an update from aftermarket associations on current trends and topics affecting the industry, such as The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF), The Institute of Motor Industry (IMI), and other contributors to the State of the Aftermarket Report, including Andy Savva, The Garage Inspector and Quentin Le Hetet from GiPA UK.

Supplier Spotlights feature too, with detailed information and insights from some of the aftermarket’s leading suppliers, including Blue Print, Bosch AA, Comline Autoparts, NGK Spark Plugs and Valeo.

With social media more important than ever, having a presence across multiple platforms has been a huge part of auto:resource’s success. The industry is actively joining the conversation across the auto:resource social media groups to stay abreast of the latest news and resources.

Professionals can sign up here now as a free member to auto:resource to benefit from saving resources on their personal profile on the website and to receive notifications of all events, new features and the latest uploads.

The Digital Review is now live and can be viewed here.