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“Automotive aftermarket experiencing unprecedented levels of new roles” says Glen Callum Associates

Date: Friday 18 February 2022

Glen Callum Associates (GCA) is enjoying the increased number of job roles that follow a downturn but is warning that the boom from the pandemic doesn’t come without challenges for companies looking to hire.

After a very short period, GCA saw aftermarket companies work around the difficulties of the pandemic by creating new roles in areas such as Customer Engagement, IT, Buying, Product and Quality management and Internal Sales.

Director Kerrie Richards says:

“The business has been trading for over 24 years and within this time we haven’t seen a bust to boom situation quite like it. We have reserves to ensure we maintain service for our clients during any unforeseen difficulties. However, we never expected that the pandemic would so quickly see the business inundated with unprecedented levels of jobs.
“Thankfully we have a super team who are fully engaged and up for the challenge. We have also invested in new technologies to make the role of recruiting quicker and slicker, enabling us to maintain good service during these extraordinary times.”

With every silver lining there is a cloud, as Director Glen Shepherd, who continues to work on the coalface of recruitment, comments:

“The talent pool of candidates is diminishing; a growing number of candidates are taking early retirement, going back to education, returning to their country of origin or transferring to other sectors.
“We are also seeing candidates who would have considered a job move staying put for reasons of job security, hence we are having to work harder to attract and engage potential job seekers.”

To ensure its clients are at the forefront of this new recruiting age GCA is working alongside companies to make their businesses more attractive to potential future staff, helping them with their marketing strategies and their candidate offering.

The team is also taking more time to engage candidates, believing the recruiter’s role of today isn’t just about finding candidates, but that it is also explaining the offering and ensuring the candidates who they speak to are aware what potential there is within any role and how this can improve their career expectations.

Richards added:

“At GCA we have always seen recruitment as two way and not just ticking the boxes for the employer but also ticking the boxes of the jobseeker. However, we are working more than ever to ensure our clients are aware of what the market commands and what jobseekers want from their future employer to ensure our clients roles are attractive and competitive. It’s not all about salary either but about culture, flexibility, balance and future career prospects.”

As the future of recruitment and job searching evolves, GCA is keen to develop and progress and is therefore continuing to watch trends to learn more about candidate activity and look out for future talent in the areas of its clients’ businesses where it foresee the staffing needs will arise.