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Banner - breeding new life into lead-acid batteries

Date: Thursday 03 June 2021

Despite the impact lithium-ion batteries are having within the field of e-mobility, Banner – Europe’s leading battery and battery accessory manufacturer – remains focused on developing the next generation of traditional start-stop lead-acid batteries, and for good reason.

As Banner’s CTO, Thomas Bawart explains:

“E-mobility remains a hotly-debated subject, as whilst the lead-acid battery has for many years been used successfully in both petrol and diesel-driven vehicles, lithium-ion batteries for e-vehicles are under public scrutiny, particularly when it comes the safety and recyclability of this battery type.”

Indeed given the technology deployed within lead-acid batteries is proven and shown to make a decisive contribution to decarbonisation, Banner remains committed to developing the next generation of traditional start-stop batteries that will see further improvements in relation to charging and power output that will be achieved by optimised cell design and other technology-driven design improvements.

As Thomas continues:

“Combinations of 12 V lead-acid starter batteries and lithium-ion-based, high-voltage drive batteries are standard to the latest e- and hybrid vehicles, and this will remain the case in the coming years. The main advantage lead-acid brings to the fore, however, particularly in relation to today’s modern and highly efficient absorbent glass mat (AGM) and enhanced flooded batteries (EFB), is their sustainability.
“Banner’s environment-friendly start-stop batteries not only help to save considerable quantities of fuel, they are designed and manufactured to deliver the highest collection ratio of all recyclable goods, including glass and paper,” he concludes.

Closed Production Cycle
Banner’s proven sustainability performance when it comes to lead-acid batteries centres on a closed product cycle that extends from manufacture to recycling; one that is based on a process of continual improvements, minimisation and prevention with regard to environmental impact. Not surprisingly, as a founder member of the Starter Battery Environmental Forum (UFS), Banner demonstrate a recycling quota of virtually 100%, and this has been driven by the investment over many years of several million Euros annually in environmental protection measures. As a result, the Banner production process today utilises 98% recycled lead, whilst 80% of battery box material consists of polypropylene recyclate. Furthermore, since 2015 the company’s entire electricity needs have been supplied by renewable energy sources, 60% of which is used for battery charging.