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Banner Brings AGM Technology To CV Sector

Date: Wednesday 18 May 2022

Not dissimilar to the automotive sector, the requirements of commercial vehicle batteries have changed significantly over recent years. Today, not only are they responsible for engine starts, but also for supporting a CV’s entire, onboard electrical system. It is against this backdrop that Banner has introduced AGM (Absorbent Glass Matt) technology into its proven Buffalo Bull battery product offering. Being launched here in the UK and across all European markets this month, Buffalo Bull AGM has the capability to deliver optimum power for long-distance trucks.

The result of years of research and development work, including cooperation with a well-known and leading European commercial vehicle manufacturer, the product innovation inbuilt into Buffalo Bull AGM serves to deliver a battery with the capability of providing unparalleled performance.

In addition to delivering unrivalled starting power, as well as short-distance journeys in distribution traffic, irregular driving profiles with stop-and-go traffic, and daily cold starts in icy temperatures, Buffalo Bull AGM has the capacity to meet the ever-increasing range of a CV’s additional electrical consumers, such as air conditioning, auxiliary heating, refrigerators, lights and entertainment systems.

As Thomas Bawart, Banner's Technical CEO, explains:

“With the new Buffalo Bull AGM starter and on-board battery, every trucker will be able to enjoy the benefits of both full starting power and in-cab comfort at the same time.”

Serving to differentiate this latest generation Buffalo Bull from conventional SHD batteries is the absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology deployed, whereby the battery acid is absorbed and bound into a glass fleece. Such technology prevents capacity loss due to acid stratification and guarantees increased cyclical stability and improved corrosion resistance. Another plus is the battery’s ability to withstand extreme vibration resistance, even when the battery is mounted integrally at the rear of a truck. Furthermore, the new Buffalo Bull AGM delivers when it comes to optimal charge absorption, as it charges up within nine hours whilst driving at low voltage (14.3 V/battery). Such a design feature makes it possible for a CV driver to stay overnight in the vehicle for up to one week, whilst using many different electrical consumers.

Commenting in relation to the impact the new Buffalo Bull AGM will have here in the UK, Country Manager, Lee Quinney said:

“The CV sector has always been of strategic importance to Banner’s development here in the UK and we are confident that the introduction of AGM technology into the already proven Buffalo Bull range will help to deliver even greater market penetration.
“You only have to look at how different today’s CVs are in comparison to ones built in the 1980s to gain a real appreciation of the extra power requirements that are onboard. No longer is it simply a prerequisite to power starting, and support lighting, radios and windscreen wiping. Today it is all this and more….auxiliary heating, entertainment, fridges and microwaves, mobile transmission and evaluation of vehicle data, mobile phones, driver assistance systems, etc. Indeed it is with this knowledge in mind that Buffalo Bull AGM has been designed to perform above and beyond,” he added.

Product Benefits Snap-Shot

  • Three times the cycle stability compared to conventional SHD batteries due to active mass formulation and mat supports.
  • Robust design and excellent vibration resistance thanks to special set fixing.
  • Improved corrosion resistance of the grids due to the use of continuous manufacturing processes.
  • No acid stratification due to Absorbent Glass Mat design.
  • Excellent charge absorption: regulator voltage of the vehicle is optimally suited even for deeply discharged batteries.
  • Calcium technology ensures minimum water consumption.
  • Designed for highest energy demand due to increasing comfort functions in long-distance HGVs.
  • Optimal for integral rear mounting (EURO exhaust gas class 5/6).
  • Central degassing with integrated backfire protection.
  • Add-ons to improve product safety: short-circuit protection, electrostatic discharge plugs.