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BM calls for greater enforcement now of current regulations on emissions

Date: Friday 15 October 2021

BM Catalysts has called for a greater clampdown on the use of poor quality emissions control devices, such as catalytic converters, in order to bring about a serious reduction of harmful vehicle emissions.

Following the UK government publication of Decarbonising Transport: A better, Greener, Britain, BM Catalysts believes a thorough, more detailed plan needs to be formulated, in order to achieve net zero emissions targets and that part of this plan should be to ensure regulations are tightened to prevent the use of poor quality emissions control devices on vehicles.

As a leading manufacturer and supporter of positive environmental change brought about by a reduction in harmful emissions, the company has reflected on the report from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR): All Aboard: A plan for fairly decarbonising how people travel, which states that the Climate Change Committee’s preferred approach to decarbonisation could lead to an 11 percent rise in traffic between 2021 and 2050 and a 28 percent increase in car ownership, rising from 34 million cars owned today to 43.6 million cars.

More vehicles on UK roads, even if fully electric, would cause greater congestion and the increased production, charging and maintenance of electric vehicles has the potential to actually increase emissions, the report warned.

BM Catalysts managing director, Toby Massey, says:

“We must not forget the role the automotive aftermarket can play in ensuring emissions control devices being supplied and fit are legal. The market needs to be properly educated on matters such as type approval to continue to raise standards and ensure it’s playing its part in reducing harmful emissions and air pollution.”