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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

Book in your IAAF activity update

Date: Friday 01 July 2022

With so much change affecting aftermarket businesses, both internally through legislation and externally through rising costs and global supply chain issues, members are encouraged to book in their “IAAF activity update” which gives companies the ideal opportunity to see first-hand the work the Federation is doing to support their businesses.

There have been four key pillars of IAAF’s work this year: Lobbying, Communications, Events and Skills & Recruitment. The IAAF update gives members and their teams a perfect opportunity to learn more about the issues surrounding their business and where they can contribute to ensure positive outcomes.

For example, our lobbying, in a post-Brexit era, has intensified through UK AFCAR and we are navigating both EU and UK parliamentary channels. Most pressing has been our Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation (MVBER) work with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), as we explain to UK government the role of the independent aftermarket and mobility services it provides. A formal consultation will begin on MVBER shortly and our focus will be on the inability of garages to access repair and maintenance information and captive parts. The UK government will also draw on what the EU decides.

The debate around the MOT frequency has proven to be of great concern to the trade. The industry is united in its stance, and we have plans underway to take our message further beyond the IAAF membership, which will rely on the support of members.

Please email chief executive Mark Field on to arrange a meeting.

Reaching 11000 garages
IAAF now communicates with 11000 garages each week via its products and services eBulletin. This has proven a great platform to promote member activity and also will enable us to campaign more broadly. Simply send in some words and pictures to to be featured online and in the eBulletin.