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Borg & Beck’s Classic Clutch

Date: Thursday 08 October 2020

When it comes to the design and manufacture of clutch systems and components, with more than a century’s worth of original equipment (OE) heritage, Borg & Beck is an iconic brand. As it was the original clutch supplier to the majority of British built vehicles dating back to the 1930s, it should come as no surprise that Borg & Beck’s classic clutch range has become the ‘go-to’ option for classic car enthusiasts.

The range consists of 55+ references and caters for more than 250 applications, many of which would have had Borg & Beck fitted as OE. Being the OE manufacturer of Clutch for these vehicles has meant Borg & Beck has access to and still uses the original specification and design, which has been updated to suit modern driving styles and regulations; for instance, the material has been upgraded to ensure the clutch offers greater longevity for the modern driving environment.

Global Marketing Director, Jon Roughley, said: “We’re proud of our Borg & Beck brand and its extensive heritage, which we are continuing to build. We still have the original technical drawings for the Borg & Beck clutches and use them to ensure the modern version is specified to perform and feel just like the original.”
“The investment we have made in our people, especially our Clutch engineer Dan Girling, who has learned and lived Borg & Beck Clutch alongside an original Borg & Beck engineer, plus the investment in our Technical Centre, where we have equipment to test and specify every aspect of the Clutch components, is testament to our commitment to uphold the extensive OE heritage of the brand. We have the capability to tool up for new references and introduce them quickly where there is a demand and where required will evolve the specification to meet the needs of todays driving styles and conditions, as demonstrated in the original Mini Clutches recently introduced.”
“We understand how devoted classic car enthusiasts are and how important authenticity is, which is why we have kept our modifications to a minimum and ensure that the small adjustments we’re adding are to improve the quality. However, this doesn’t change the fact that these are the OE specification clutches for many classic cars, so its no surprise there is such a huge demand for these products, especially this time of year when the classics are out and about again being proudly driven and displayed.”

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