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Carlyle Tools introduces new jump starter range

Date: Friday 26 November 2021

A new range of heavy-duty jump starters has been introduced by Carlyle Tools, the professional-grade tool line from automotive giant NAPA Auto Parts.

Promising lasting quality for discerning industry technicians, Carlyle Tools has developed a reputation for providing affordable and high-performance products that remain reliable under the harsh conditions of even the busiest workshops. Available in both 12V and 12V-24V variants, this latest addition to the Carlyle Tools catalogue continues that legacy by delivering 2000-3400 peak amps and 600 cranking amps of starting power in 12V mode.

Striking a balance between portability and power is key to a reliable jump starter and Carlyle Jump Starters are equipped with high-performance batteries designed to meet even the most extreme power demands with our trademark professional quality.

With industrial-grade HotJaw clamps designed to penetrate battery corrosion, 116cm #2 AWG cables, a 12V DC outlet for accessories and an onboard voltmeter for reading battery charge status, the Carlyle Tools Jump Starter can provide up to 24 hours of continuous charging.

To find out more about Carlyle Tools and their jump starter range, locate your local NAPA distributor by visiting