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CARUSO releases multi-brand marketplace evolution

Date: Thursday 15 April 2021

CARUSO has released a completely reworked version of its data marketplace. This evolution not only incorporates feedback from customers, but also reflects the huge amount of achievements CARUSO accomplished in the last years. Customers can simply discover, subscribe to, and manage all available data items and packages from a variety of vehicle manufacturers. Interested parties can easily sign up for a three-month trial here at

CARUSO’s platform enables customers to easily build solutions based on connected car data for a wide variety of use cases and industries. For example, fleet managers can monitor their cars in real time, workshops can plan the next service due in advance. Insurance companies can be informed about car accidents and regulate damages more easily and at lesser costs. Roadside assistance companies can receive instant and proactive information regarding the respective car’s location and status with the help of connected car data.

At all stages of the marketplace development, user feedback cycles were included to ensure that the final product fulfills the customer’s needs.

“I like the new identity. It’s positive, fresh, pretty straight forward, and it’s much more targeted,” says Mario Filchev, Executive Officer at OBI+ and customer of CARUSO.

Tina Rauschenbach, Head of Customer Experience at Caruso GmbH, adds:

“One important aspect for us was to hide the underlying technical complexity from our users. Our customers are driving innovations and our marketplace aims to be the best tool to support them in this challenge.”

Data flowing through CARUSO’s platform is secured, protected, and handled 100% GDPR-compliant. Via their harmonized, OEM-independent interface, customers as well as 3rd parties receive vehicle-generated data regardless of the manufacturer. This minimizes the effort for integration and maintenance on the consumer side, as only the interface to CARUSO has to be implemented.