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Common Vauxhall MAF sensor trouble code fixed with First Line Ltd. turbo hose

Date: Monday 27 March 2023

Aftermarket specialist First Line Ltd. has offered technicians a solution for a common mass air flow (MAF) sensor issue on the popular Vauxhall Insignia.

The 2011 model year, 2.0CDti-engined Vauxhall Insignia is fitted with an original equipment boost hose prone to splitting, which causes lack of turbo boost and subsequently the car will go into limp home mode.

Technicians presented with this issue will find a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) of P2282, which is caused by too much air getting into the engine. It can be triggered under certain driving conditions where the turbo is put under brief stress such as during overtaking manoeuvres.

Global sales director at First Line Ltd., Kevin Neaverson, said:

“Once the original turbo hose has split, which can be caused by fluctuations in operating temperatures, the car will find a lack of turbo boost.
“The MAF sensor will see a certain airflow into the engine, but due to the split hose the oxygen sensor will report an anomalous reading on the way out, causing the vehicle to go into limp home mode.”

First Line strongly recommends that if the vehicle is reporting a DTC of P2282, the turbo hoses are examined. The original equipment hoses can become fatigued, hardened, brittle or scorched, which leads to the part failing and requirement of repair.

First Line Ltd.’s aftermarket pressure pipe (part FTH1394), also available from the Borg & Beck brand (part BTH1394), replaces the OE reference 23163578 and offers a more durable pressure hose that can withstand the highly fluctuating temperatures and harsh working conditions.

First Line Ltd.’s hoses range, comprising air filter, turbo, oil, emission controls and intercooler hoses covers over 670 references, with 35 different hose clips, for technicians to ensure all the replacement fitment items are available.

The range uses OE connectors and is manufactured using only premium quality rubber ensuring performance and longevity.

For more information, visit First Line Ltd.’s WebCat resource: