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DENSO Aftermarket further bolsters its online training offering with a new ‘DENSO in the Workshop’ webinar series

Date: Thursday 12 August 2021

“DENSO Aftermarket, the aftermarket division of leading original equipment (OE) component manufacturer DENSO, is constantly developing its online training offer to allow technicians to directly benefit from its in-depth automotive knowledge,” said DENSO Europe, Pan European Strategic Marketing Manager, Fatiha Laauich. “This means that we have to consider not only the content of the material that we make available, but the way it’s delivered.

“As online communication has developed, particularly during the various national lockdowns that have affected so many markets across Europe, so has the standard of presentation and the expectation of the many technicians that have now joined the growing online community. As a result, we’ve refined the format that we have traditionally used in order to make the valuable information that we provide even more accessible to installers.

“The most obvious change, which can be seen in the title we use for the series, is the location from where we present the webinar. The objective was to take the webinar out in the field and use a location that technicians could relate to, so rather than simply transitioning from a static to dynamic format for the new series, we have moved directly into the real world of the workshop, and with this first webinar, that’s to Hayley’s award winning Avia Sports Cars.

“When it came to choosing the content for the first ‘DENSO in the Workshop’ webinar, the condition of the oil/refrigerant mixture in a vehicle’s air conditioning (AC) system was an obvious subject, because it is often overlooked by workshops. However, its condition is absolutely vital to allow technicians to either fit a replacement component in the AC system with confidence, or to flush and replace the mixture before doing so.

“Further subjects are naturally in the pipeline, so we positively encourage technicians to visit our webinar platform at to see not only the first ‘DENSO in the Workshop’ production we’re highlighting, but view our existing webinar library. They can also sign up to the e-Learning platform at and access a host of other free educational material covering multiple product groups, as well as have the opportunity to join the League Of True Mechanics competition and be in with the chance of winning a number of outstanding prizes.”

Further details of the DENSO Aftermarket programme are available online at: