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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

DENSO highlights the importance of servicing the air conditioning system

Date: Monday 24 June 2024

As the AC service season is now well underway, DENSO is reminding the independent service and repair sector how important it is to be able to correctly maintain and overhaul the AC system to ensure vehicle owners can travel in comfort and enjoy the benefits of a fully functioning climate system.

In addition to offering the OE quality parts required if a component needs replacement, DENSO has a wealth of technical knowledge it is willing to share with technicians to allow them to correctly diagnose and rectify AC problems when they occur, but also to help workshops maintain the system, which can prevent many of these issues from happening in the first place.

Prevention begins with regular AC system service and DENSO has long advocated technicians follow its helpful ‘seven steps of AC service’ advice, which highlights the most important procedures to follow to check the condition of the system and keep it running properly.

However, even with regular maintenance, problems do sometimes occur, which is when technicians need to delve deeper into the issues to identify the underlying cause to be able to correctly rectify the matter, and where DENSO’s Practical tips on AC service and compressor replacement brochure, another useful resource that sits alongside so many others, will further assist them in the repair process.

Addressing subjects such as compressor failure analysis, oils and refrigerants, damper limiter pully failure and contamination of the condenser, the 32-page publication can be viewed online or downloaded. Its advice and instruction is invaluable and is yet another way that DENSO can share its unrivalled expertise and help technicians complete a first rate job and ensure total customer satisfaction.

The recently published DENSO air conditioning videos are also available on the DENSO Aftermarket website or via YouTube.

Last but not least, check out the DENSO training platform where aftermarket professionals can improve their technical knowledge, gain a certificate and, potentially, win some interesting prizes in the League of True Mechanics competition.

Further details of the DENSO Aftermarket programme are available online at: