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Diesel Technic Product Portrait: 4.69580 Glow plug

Date: Monday 06 June 2022

The glow plug is an electrically heatable heating element and protrudes into the cylinder. Since the fuel injected into the combustion chamber ignites poorly when the diesel engine is started cold, glow plugs are used to ensure that diesel engines start reliably at low temperatures.

In addition, glow plugs ensure that the diesel engine runs quietly and produces low emissions during the warm-up phase. They preheat the combustion chamber of the cylinder slightly during cold start (preheating). This process only takes a few seconds. Since the diesel mixture ignites itself while the engine is running and explodes under high pressure in the combustion chamber, the glow plug is not needed while driving.

Hints & tips:
To facilitate removal of the old spark plug, it is advisable to use a solvent such as "LIQUI MOLY 3379 Pro-Line Injector and Spark Plug Solvent". After removing the old glow plug, the thread of the cylinder head must be cleaned.

When installing, it is advisable to grease the thread of the new glow plug with a high-temperature paste such as "LIQUI MOLY 3381 Pro-Line Injector and Spark Plug Grease". The maximum tightening torque of the electrical connection (manufacturer's specification) must not be exceeded.

Product link: 4.69580