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Diesel Technic's Italian Subsidiary celebrates anniversary

Date: Thursday 13 January 2022

In November 2016, Diesel Technic Italia S.R.L. was opened. The subsidiary has been growing step by step and recently celebrated its 5-year anniversary. A special event for journalists was organized to review and highlight the accomplishments and strengths of the company.

Diesel Technic had been operating in Italy since the 2000s; at that time, the company relied on a well-known representative of truck brands and a network of about 10 distributors operating in the area and the products came directly from the central warehouse in Germany. Having concluded the partnership, and positively assessed the potential of the spare parts market in Italy, Diesel Technic decided to take the big step by investing in the opening of a subsidiary in Italy.

The construction and management of the entire subsidiary have been entrusted to Walter Schiavi, a long-standing manager in the automotive industry.

“I was the first one hired by Diesel Technic Italia and my first task was to choose the strategic location of Diesel Technic Italia, which fell on Verona. The second step was to hire the logistics manager who, in turn, chose the people who would make up his team. Once the warehouse was organized, following the tried and tested standards of the already active foreign offices, we began to select the product ranges to start. Subsequently, we expanded the team with the inclusion of our Sales Manager, Carlo Antonio Pietropaolo, and customer service. At the end of 2016, we were six people and today 16 employees are working for Diesel Technic Italia – a number that is constantly growing.”
“At the start, we offered about 8,000 items in stock directly from Italy, with a very horizontal assortment. Today, as evidence of our growth, we manage about 21,000 references from the Verona warehouse. The assortment is really deep and covers the spare parts suitable for all the major manufacturers. No competitor can currently boast a similar range in terms of coverage, a major competitive advantage which the market appreciates”, says Schiavi.

Next to the dynamic and efficient logistics, such as the “Same Day Delivery” option, the after-sales service is crucial in Diesel Technic's strategies. One special project of taking care of the customers is the international Parts Specialists team. The Italian Parts Specialists are two experts with great experience in the spare parts market for industrial and commercial vehicles. The Parts Specialists support the workshops and customer fleets of its distributors, providing technical advice for repair and maintenance, in order to always perform an excellent and complete job.