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DT Spare Parts ensures the right start to the new year

Date: Tuesday 23 January 2024

The motor needs to be started, but everything stays still and the wheels are not moving. From this point on, every minute of downtime costs a lot of money and this situation must be rectified as quickly as possible. If the starter is the cause of the problem, DT Spare Parts is the right choice. The right spare part ensures that the vehicle will soon be on the road again.

The correct installation plays of course an important part. In their video, the Parts Specialists Kevin and Lars provide helpful hints and tips on the subject of starter. With its wide range of products, DT Spare Parts always offers the right solution – including starters suitable for vehicle models from DAF, Ford, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes, Renault, Scania and Volvo. The product brand DT Spare Parts also offers individual spare parts alongside various starters. These include, for example, solenoid switches, pinions, carbon brushes and repair kits. Over 200 products in this category can be found in the Diesel Technic Partner Portal under the heading “Electrical equipment”.

The product quality at DT Spare Parts is continuously checked and tested. The starter test bench is used to “test the item in accordance with the Diesel Technic Quality System”, explains Parts Specialist Kevin.

If there are problems starting the motor, the battery is inspected first. It is reviewed to see whether there is sufficient battery acid. Then, the battery terminals are checked for oxidation and the battery voltage. If battery problems are excluded, an eye is cast on the starter’s power supply. “First, the cable from the battery to the starter is checked”, explains Parts Specialist Lars in the workshop video, which shows the replacement of a starter on a truck. A further check is made on the starter control unit while the motor starts. “If no fault can be detected in the starter voltage supply, it can be assumed that the starter has a defect”, continues the Parts Specialist.

A loose contact is a frequently occurring fault in starters. To avoid this type of problem, the contacts must be tightened to the correct torque. Another reason for problems with the starter is rubbed cables. This results in electrical shorts or contact problems.

DT Spare Parts also offers starters with thermal overload protection. This device ensures that the permissible temperature of the starter is not exceeded. To ensure correct installation, the instructions are available online.

The Parts Specialists at Diesel Technic are available with their HelpDesk for technical questions and assistance: