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E10. Is it good for my car?

Date: Monday 25 October 2021

You will have heard much talk recently about E10 fuel and whether it is good for your car. E10 is compatible for 95% of cars and all built after 2011 are able to use the new fuel. E10 contains 10% renewable ethanol, which helps to reduce carbon dioxide emission whereas current petrol, known as E5, contains only 5% renewable ethanol.

However, older vehicles aren’t able to use the new fuel meaning that their emissions are needed to be reduced by liquids such as Cataclean, while diesel cars and other vehicles won’t be able to use E10. That means that Cataclean is still crucial for fuel economy, increased performance and reduced emissions, and Cataclean is keen to remind motorists that the new fuel isn’t the only way of reducing emissions. There is another key aspect to E10 and that is that for certain vehicles the ethanol can create damage in fuel cells and damage parts such as rubber seals and other components.

So, in short, E10 can help your car but make sure that you add a bottle of Cataclean as well. Be kind to your engine and your pocket.