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EAG announce exclusive distribution of the Celect range of brake pads and discs

Date: Thursday 08 October 2020

EAG is excited to announce exclusive distribution of the Celect range of brake pads and discs within the UK. With an extensive range of brake pads and brake discs in their Leeds based distribution centre, EAG is able to offer a braking range that has been developed to provide the marketplace with an affordable, full specification offering. With full sales support, 24/7 online ordering, full listing on TecCom and next working day delivery, EAG brings a winning alternative for any braking requirements.

Celect Braking is a brand that has been built on a foundation of over 45 years’ experience within the automotive industry. The product range is the result of years of testing and development, which takes place at a central engineering hub based in the UK. All inspections, drawings, formulations and developments are closely controlled by their accomplished and skilled workforce.

In addition to the UK hub, Celect has members of the team based in Europe, North America, Australasia and the Far East, who are committed to maintaining the high standard that they believe in. Their ‘friction experts’ have worked to create a product range based on a first fit ethos, which enables the end user to fit the product right out of the box.

Celect Brake Pads
With the complexity of the modern braking systems, the relationship between friction material and its application is an important factor. The Celect range of brake pads are comprised of three very specific materials, where many other brands will offer only one. Covering European, Japanese and Asian models, the Celect brake pads have been developed to provide the best performance, while still emitting a minimum amount of noise, reduced brake dust and low disc wear. Independent tests have shown that Celect’s friction material contributes to a lower disc wear when compared to other leading brands in the UK, and this can increase the life span of the brake pad and reduce service costs.

The Celect brake pad range is manufactured in line with original equipment (OE) requirements, holds ECE R90 approval and is fitted with the RSR (Rubber Steel Rubber) shims - slotted and chamfered.

To ensure customers have everything they need to get the job done right first time, the Celect brake pad range comes complete with a full accessory kit within the box, which includes wear sensors (where applicable), caliper bolts, abutment clips and rubber caps.

To ensure the highest quality, every single set of Celect brake pads have been dynamometer tested with comprehensive sheer, compressibility, and friction tests.

Celect Brake Discs
Inside every Celect brake disc box, technicians will find a precision finished disc that is manufactured within OE tolerances, using only the highest quality materials. This results in excellent product performance and appearance. And just like the brake pad range, Celect brake discs are precision machined within OE tolerances and full batch production checks are in place.

With high carbon content, the Celect brake disc provides low wear properties and delivers high thermal capacity giving excellent performance at high temperatures. Each fully coated disc requires no degreasing or cleaning, and provides an improved cosmetic finish and reduced corrosion properties.