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Ecobat Battery introduces Pylontech Lithium, a new dimension of leisure/marine battery

Date: Monday 27 March 2023

Alongside dependability, boat owners and leisure enthusiasts naturally seek ultimate performance when it comes to the batteries their vessels, motorhomes and leisure equipment rely on. So, power, weight and cyclic (discharge, charge) capacity are high on their list of priorities when considering a replacement.

Ticking the boxes for these priorities, and many more besides, is a new 100Ah 12-volt lithium-ion battery from Pylon Technologies, which utilises cutting-edge lithium-iron phosphate cell technology, an embedded battery management system and a robust mechanical design, to deliver an inherently safe and extremely reliable solution, with zero maintenance.

At half the weight of an equivalent capacity lead acid battery and delivering twice the power of a conventional design, the RT 12100G31 provides an incredible cyclic capacity of more than 4,500 cycles, which, allied to its in-built heating film technology, allows it to perform at temperatures as low at minus 40 degrees Celsius, making it the first choice for those that need the best and the assurance that provides, to allow them to go longer and go further.

In addition to these headline attributes, other key features include auto-balance, which means that those who need more capacity can simply and safely connect additional RT 12100G31 batteries in parallel without fear of internal state non-uniformity issues, and communication, incorporating RS485, CAN, Bluetooth and Dry Connect, to enable effective data transmission for the needs of various usage scenarios. Finally, owners can use all of the available 100Ah capacity, unlike the recommended 50% for lead acid batteries, so essentially doubling the run time for the same size battery and with only half the weight.

The Pylontech RT 12100G31 is available from wholesalers supplied by Ecobat Battery, the UK’s largest battery distributor, with a portfolio that also includes Victron, Odyssey, Sonnenschein, Trojan, Rolls and Numax, its own offering, which, as well as being a leading leisure/marine solution, is also the original equipment fitment for Sunseeker. With a 13-branch network across the UK and Ireland, and additional distribution hubs in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain, Ecobat Battery is a true power storage specialist that has the products, expertise and knowledge, plus the coverage to support the needs of both professionals and enthusiasts alike.

For further details, please visit Ecobat Battery.