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ENEOS takes off in Europe with TecDoc

Date: Thursday 24 February 2022

ENEOS Europe has decided to present its premium-quality motor oils and transmission fluids in the TecDoc Catalogue. This lays the foundation for the successful expansion of ENEOS’ business activities in the European independent automotive aftermarket, which is one of its main distribution channels.

The London-based company with Japanese roots was founded to supply Japanese car manufacturers in Europe and introduce ENEOS products into the European market. Today ENEOS sells its lubricants in almost all European countries for car engine applications.

“Without a doubt, ENEOS is still a young brand in Europe, compared with many of our premium competitors. Although our market share is already high enough to be noticed, we are still investing in the growth of our distribution network. We believe in our success in the long term because we see that Europe is the right market for premium quality products. Drivers here care a lot about their vehicles”, says Bahie Hassan, Regional Manager at ENEOS Europe.

Increasing the brand’s visibility in Europe
In recent years, ENEOS has been successful working with aftermarket replacement parts distributors who offer a complete range of products, from replacement parts to lubricants, delivered with fast, efficient logistics. The decision for the TecDoc Catalogue is a strategic step to popularise ENEOS in Europe and reach new customers.

TecDoc allows ENEOS’ customers to learn about new offerings and choose the right oils for their vehicles. This has become more and more complicated in Europe due to OEM requirements for new engine technologies and emission standards.

“We are extending our product range to offer products for all Japanese, European and Korean cars in the European car parc. Showing our products in the TecDoc Catalogue allows us to better reach customers and inform them about ENEOS’ product line. Existing customers can use this efficient platform to learn about our new products”, says Przemek Rybka, Group Manager at ENEOS Europe.

Growing interest and new sales opportunities

ENEOS’ plan has worked well, and Rybka is satisfied with the positive results.

“We are already seeing an increase in enquiries from the market and growing interest. Many of our customers already have online platforms that use the TecDoc database. They can see the benefits of having the full range of information about ENEOS’ product line in their online ordering systems; it helps them to communicate with their customers. TecDoc will be an important platform for communication about our product range, new product launches, specifications, application etc.”, he sums up.

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