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Expanded new GS Yuasa automotive auxiliary battery range revealed

Date: Wednesday 21 July 2021

GS Yuasa, market leader for automotive batteries, have announced they have given their HJ auxiliary batteries range a fresh new look and expanded the range by adding four new popular types. The new HJ series batteries will be used in a wide range of popular Lexus and Toyota 12V auxiliary & backup applications.

The global battery manufacturer has rebranded their popular HJ series with the introduction of four new GS Yuasa auxiliary batteries. The HJ-S55D23L, HJ-S55D23R, HJ-S65D26L and HJ-S75D31L have been introduced to meet the ever more demanding needs of modern-day vehicles. Thousands of automobiles in the UK vehicle parc, predominantly Lexus & Toyota hybrids, require these batteries to help support the extra electrical loads in conjunction with the main HEV battery.

GS Yuasa’s HJ Auxiliary range now consists of a total of nine applications. The rebranded batteries incorporate a new style Japanese Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) lid and a fresh-looking label design. The expanded range and four new addition batteries are available to purchase now.

Jon Pritchard, General Manager – Sales and Marketing at GS Yuasa Battery Sales UK Ltd, said:

“We are delighted to have expanded our HJ Auxiliary range by adding four new auxiliary batteries. The new types will provide a solution to thousands of vehicles that require an auxiliary battery to support their start-stop and next generation systems. We have manufactured these batteries to Original Equipment specification and with a heavy demand in the market we are pleased to be able to offer it to customers.
“Our constant development has helped automotive manufacturers develop cleaner, more efficient vehicles and it’s exciting to add our global expertise to the industry.”

Developed to Original Equipment (OE) standard for quality, performance and specification, the new HJ batteries are ideal for the unique requirements of vehicles with enhanced auxiliary battery systems. A key feature of these new types is the built-in temperature senor in each battery lid. Required by modern Lexus vehicles, this has been implemented to improve charge management of the battery and extend service life.

GS Yuasa are the world’s leading battery manufacturer for vehicle and industrial batteries and global leader for quality and innovation. To find out more about GS Yuasa visit