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First Line Ltd. issues CV Joints and Driveshafts best-practice advice, as new range proves popular

Date: Monday 21 August 2023

First Line Ltd. has experienced increased demand for its newly launched range of Constant Velocity (CV) Joints and Driveshafts and has issued best-practice advice on replacement, backed up by a recent survey completed by nearly 100 vehicle technicians.

The survey revealed that in many cases, it is easier to replace the entire Driveshaft rather than simply the CV Joint, with 79 percent of respondents answering that they are often required to replace both parts together, which is a key reflection of the rise in demand.

What’s more, replacing the entire Driveshaft is often considered a more cost-effective option for the vehicle owner, which has also been mirrored by garage owners, with 59 percent stating that less manual labour is required to do the job. This also offers longevity for both parties, as replacing the entire Driveshaft, rather than just the CV Joint, reduces the risk of repeat call backs.

The survey further supported that cost plays a major part in the decision to replace the entire Driveshaft, as 49 percent of respondents agreed that although there may be a price difference between the two parts, recommending a new Driveshaft offers a more economical, long-term option for the end user.

However, when sourcing these parts, quality has been found to be a key factor, with 75 percent of garage owners opting for quality over cost.

At the start of 2023, First Line, via its renowned Borg & Beck brand, launched an extensive range of premium-quality CV Joints and Driveshafts, complementing its broad range of CV Boot Kits, as the company continues to meet aftermarket demand for a wide range of parts.

Since launching, First Line has identified that the need to replace the entire Driveshaft is common with certain vehicles such as, but not exclusively, Ford Transits [BDS1000, BDS1001], Peugeot 407 [ BDS1013, BDS1014], Renault Kangoo Express / Grand Kangoo [ BDS1041, BDS1042] and Renault Master [BDS1011, BDS1012]. The company offers a solution for this, with a comprehensive range of left and right, long, and short wheelbase options available.

With more than 420 CV Joints and over 530 Driveshafts now available from the aftermarket specialist, including in excess of 720 CV Boot Kits covering over 26,000 applications, customers can rest assured that they can access a comprehensive drivetrain solution from First Line Ltd.

All Borg & Beck CV Joints and Driveshafts are manufactured and optimised for robust application. Using premium quality materials, they are precision machined and balanced to ensure a smooth, vibration-free performance.

Each and every shaft comes complete with CNC forged CV Joints, manufactured to exacting specifications. With minimal clearance between the steel ball and seating groove, the results are low friction, noise and damage, providing increased durability and service life.

Finished with premium-quality neoprene Boots and packed with specially formulated, high-temperature moly grease to protect against abrasion and resist extreme temperature erosion, Borg & Beck CV Joints and Driveshafts offer distributors a reliable and first-class, competitive solution.

Borg & Beck CV Joints are also available separately and are supplied as a complete kit, including the boot, steel clips, grease, hub nut and replacement circlip.

All the new additions come with a two-year / 24,000-mile warranty.

Distributors can contact their local sales representative for more information on First Line Ltd.’s complete range of CV Joints, Driveshafts and CV Boot Kits.