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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

Follow the data – New portal for Warranty and Returns improves industry data

Date: Friday 04 June 2021

The TecAlliance Warranty and Returns service, brought to market by Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) and PACT, is effectively improving market data in the automotive aftermarket, thanks to its automated process.

Previously, before using the warranty and returns portal, data collection was often incomplete and difficult to understand, along with being extremely time consuming for all parties.

The new Warranty & Returns portal encourages the inclusion of relevant and accurate data into the claim via a TecDoc interface for parts and vehicle information.

As a result, the claim form can be customised through the admin console and it is even possible to request individual fields to be developed in order to submit additional information that helps investigate, classify and evaluate the claims.

The results, in addition to saving time through an automated process, is a much clearer warranty and returns process, which can be processed quicker than ever before.

The new portal is proving popular among suppliers and distributors as previously, warranty and returns processes were often too vague and required additional phone calls back and forth, consuming time on all sides. But with the new Warranty and Returns portal you can view the current status of the claim at any time online.

The new service offers IAAF members the ability to make warranty claims and returns through a standardised form and easy to use online portal, reducing the need for a manual based process.

Accessible via the IAAF website, IAAF members can easily register and navigate the TecAlliance Order Portal using a simple six-step process.