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Glen Callum Associates ‘Meet the Employer’ sessions prove popular as bite-sized interviews gets underway

Date: Thursday 20 October 2022

Automotive recruitment specialist, Glen Callum Associates (GCA), has successfully held its first “Meet the employer” session, with director Glen Shepherd sitting down with Nick Aylward of Kent Automotive over video to provide candidates with a visual flavour of what they can expect if they join Aylward’s growing team.

Since its announcement just weeks ago, there has already been a lot of interest for the new initiative, which has been designed to quickly connect employers and candidates in 15-minute, bite-sized, online interview sessions.

In the first-of-its-kind session, Shepherd was able to have a quick catch up with Aylward, the country manager for UK, and bring the role in question to life, as well as discussing the company’s ethos and culture, the onboarding process, training opportunities, what the day-to-day role would look like for the potential candidate, and the profile of the people they would like to talk to.

Following on from these sessions, those interested in the job are then able to get in touch with GCA and arrange a 15-minute interview with both Shepherd and the employer to engage more directly with them at an earlier stage, while having the opportunity to discuss limited, but very specific, areas of the job requirements and dynamics of the company.

Candidates can showcase their skills and experience too, while also allowing employers to demonstrate their culture and working environment. Both parties get the opportunity to test the water, while naturally speeding up the decision-making process and maximising efficiencies.

Shepherd said:

“There has already been a buzz around our ‘Meet the Employer’ sessions, with candidates and employers showing a keen interest for this new way of recruitment. The digital age brings about more opportunities to make the recruitment process not only more efficient, which is essential in today’s fast-paced world, but also provides us with the resources to ‘test the chemistry’ between employer and candidate earlier on and ask those all-important questions.
“In this specific example, we were able to introduce Nick on a more personal level, so those interested in the role can get a real feel for how the team is managed, the opportunities available through the role, and the type of candidate Nick is looking to talk to, so they can quickly establish if the role is of interest to them.”

The sessions elevate the recruitment process because they give both the candidate and employer direct contact earlier on in the hiring process.

The quick, easy and informative 15-minute interview sessions are designed around the nature of the vacancy and are chaired by the GCA recruiter, centring on three to four key topics that the employer considers vital.

Handled completely by GCA, the employer has a choice. They can either observe or join in on the online interview session.

What’s more, candidates struggling to obtain time off work or holiday entitlement have the flexibility to attend out-of-hours sessions. Because the sessions are short and slick, there is an opportunity to see multiple candidates in a brief timescale, which again often suits the employer’s working day.

The videos are also dual branded, promoting the employer even further and offering them wider exposure in the automotive aftermarket.

To get an idea of what GCA’s ‘Meet the Employer’ initiative is all about, you can watch the first session here, where Aylward discusses how he is looking for raw talent with a keen passion for the automotive industry, and the complete training package that will accompany the role.

You will also be able to learn more about the role on offer.