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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

Global Right to Repair movement gains momentum

Date: Wednesday 31 January 2024

More than 35 associations around the world have signed up to the Global Right to Repair movement.

All associations including IAAF have signed a statement that supports the core beliefs of the movement and the objectives and intended outcomes of right to repair legislation. Importantly, the document sets forth 10 best practice principles to developing a framework for right to repair legislation that any supporting country can use and adapt them to their needs.

Globally, the automotive aftermarket keeps 1.52 billon vehicles on the road while contributing $1.8 trillion to the global economy. After vehicles exit their warranty period, independent repair shops perform more than 70% of repairs. This vibrant industry and the consumer choice that it creates is being threatened by automotive manufacturers that block access to wirelessly transmitted vehicle repair and maintenance data.

Mark Field, IAAF Chief Executive, said: “In the UK, IAAF will harness the support of other associations globally in promoting the automotive aftermarket to motorists. It is important that we build a sustained campaign, one that brings along the entire aftermarket supply chain and supports workshops.”