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HELLA introduces new Modular Lightbar for municipal vehicles

Date: Friday 01 October 2021

Municipal emergency vehicles are operating day and night to provide the safety required on the roads. Individual beacons are often insufficient for warning other road users in good time when work is taking place and for optimally illuminating the work area. Therefore, HELLA, the lighting and electronics expert, ensures maximum safety and high recognisability in practice with its portfolio of optical and acoustic warning systems. The company is now launching a product innovation called the ‘Modular Lightbar’. These particularly flat roof bars provide an effective warning signal with an amber double or triple flash pattern and various individual modules can also be integrated.

The Modular Lightbar is available in three different lengths at product launch. All variants consist of a middle and two side parts, which are equipped with warning lighting. The variant with a length of 1,219 millimetres also has integrated Alley Lights that are used to illuminate the areas next to the vehicle. Depending on the set, there is space for various individual modules in the middle section. For example, a work light for optimum illumination in front of or behind the vehicle, modules with an amber warning light, or a tail-stop-direction indicator module can be integrated. The latter can be connected to the vehicle. When the vehicle's direction indicator lights up, the lightbar module also flashes for better visibility. The individual modules are available as spare parts on request, meaning that they can be easily replaced, if necessary.

The Modular Lightbar also has a compact design. With a height of 52 millimetres, the roof bar is particularly flat. It can either be screwed directly onto the vehicle roof or attached using a bracket. Depending on the set, it is either operated using a wired control unit or wirelessly via Bluetooth. The Modular Lightbar is approved in day and night mode as per ECE-R65 Class 2.