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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

IAAF Exclusive: Mind The Gap – skills & recruitment shortage not just confined to post-education candidates

Date: Friday 13 May 2022

In the second part of our exclusive skills and recruitment series, recruitment specialist Glen Callum Associates (GCA) says the industry must widen its outlook and recruitment from other sectors if it is to meet labour demand.

Automotive and engineering recruitment specialist Glen Callum Associates (GCA) has highlighted what it calls “the Middle Skills Gap” as it looks to raise awareness of wider issues in the skills and recruitment shortage crisis.

Research undertaken by the company found that a staggeringly high number of people in the area of sales and management have exited the automotive aftermarket due to a number of reasons.

GCA director, Glen Shepherd, says it is now essential the sector widens its scope on skills and recruitment:

“The aftermarket is suffering from a shortage of candidates in the area further up the skills chain. Since the pandemic, businesses have evolved and are looking for different candidates with different skillsets and experience. To achieve this, we have to look at related sectors to the aftermarket such as marine, rail and agriculture to name but three. With the future of mobility promising to look very different, new ideas from different sectors would positively contribute to our sector.”

In addition to traditional sales, management and executive roles, GCA has also seen a rise in positions for roles that manage the customer experience. In parallel, as the focus shifts more on to the customer, Shepherd believes companies must open up their recruitment search to new entrants.

“Furthermore, he said, “employees want to know where a company is headed and what the culture is like. Our recent research proved that employers have to meet candidates’ criteria more so than ever before and this includes honing the recruitment process, which candidates insist on as being robust and timely.
“There are numerous efforts in place to bring new, young people into the trade, but it is essential that as an industry we must continue to develop and attract talent further up the supply chain and from various transferrable industries.”

The findings of GCA’s survey further cemented its belief that companies must adopt a very robust, candidate-led approach to recruitment and by doing so in a comprehensive way can form part of an effective sales strategy.

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