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ICO: Responding to the challenges of COVID-19

Date: Friday 09 October 2020

Throughout COVID-19, the ICO has been offering practical support on new data protection questions that the pandemic has asked of organisations. Whether you are a local business or a government department, the ICO has been answering questions on issues like working from home, collecting customer details for contact tracing and testing staff for coronavirus.

The ICO has also continued to provide advice and support to organisations looking to innovate or do things differently. Good data protection enables innovation, because people’s trust in how their personal data is used plays a role in their overall confidence and support for services.

In the past few months the ICO has published guidance on how Artificial Intelligence can comply with the law, and have confirmed our continuing support to innovators through partnership with other regulators. Sandbox continues to help organisations using personal data to develop innovative services.

The ICO has updated its regulatory approach document. It is another step towards returning to its approach before COVID-19, but with the caveats and exceptions that reflect today’s reality.

A copy of the document can be downloaded from the attachment below.

If you need more information, if you have any questions, or if you simply want help finding the right data protection advice, then get in touch. There are full details on the website, at