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Klarius maintains excellent availability despite market challenges

Date: Monday 14 February 2022

Across many industries, most will remember 2021 as a year of supply chain issues. However, Staffordshire-based exhaust manufacturer Klarius Products defied this narrative, maintaining a consistent next day delivery service across the UK’s largest range of aftermarket emissions control components. This while still introducing hundreds of new products to market, laying a strong foundation for 2022.

“The aftermarket faced many challenges in 2021,” explains James Ellison, Sales Director at Klarius. “Logistical planning was difficult, especially with the unprecedented, exponential rise in steel and rare earth metals prices – both of which are key materials for exhaust manufacturing processes.
“With the hard work of our team and precision planning, we continued to provide our next morning delivery service to stockists and distributors on any product in range. This meant we could offer total availability to our customers, supporting them through times of uncertainty. Furthermore, our new-to-range programme delivered hundreds of new parts to market for a wide selection of new and old vehicles that required additional aftermarket support.”

The Klarius range offers replacement components to fit over 24 million vehicles on UK roads, totalling over 11,000 individual parts. The business is constantly adding new exhausts, catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters and bespoke mountings to this range. The research and development team, based alongside manufacturing, originate aftermarket parts to fit vehicles of almost any make, model, age and segment.

The In-house logistics operation, AutoLogistiks, provides a robust and highly responsive nationwide next morning delivery service. This is supported by LEAN manufacturing processes and demand driven stocking, which ensures total availability across the range.

“Our in-house capabilities and LEAN approach mean we can support our customers effectively through supply chain and market volatility,” James explains. “In 2022, we will be further improving our robust framework, maintaining availability while also continuing to increase the product range. Our logistics operation will be pushing for new efficiencies to be gained from deliveries, stock and distribution solutions, all to further benefit our customers. As we deliver over 90% of orders before mid-day, we will continue to encourage our customers to only stock a core range of fast selling parts, saving them on space and working capital.
“If you would like to speak to the sales team about tailoring your stock, service levels or delivery arrangements, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact.”

Another 2021 success story is fellow Klarius Group brand Emissco. Throughout the year, it has provided turnkey contract aerosol and liquid manufacturing and distribution services for the commercial, automotive, rail and industrial sectors. It is also the premium partner of Yara International, packaging and delivering Air1 AdBlue® to retailers nationwide. In line with all brands in the Klarius Group of Companies, Emissco’s robust planning and in-house approach has allowed it to deliver an efficient service to customers that will continue into 2022 and beyond.

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