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Klarius ready to support customers during the continued MOT surge

Date: Thursday 25 November 2021

With an expected 42% rise in MOT bookings this month and a further rise of 51% in December 2021 anticipated, Klarius Products has the infrastructure in place to provide customers with high quality aftermarket exhausts to meet the increased demand for repairs.

“We are the UK’s largest aftermarket exhaust manufacturer, with the widest range and the best availability,” states Mark Brickhill, CEO at Klarius. “Our in-house logistics service means that we can deliver any part in range to a stockist or distributor by the next morning if the order is placed before 5:30pm. This helps to ensure that quality components are always available to garages, providing access to the correct part quickly, speeding up repairs and freeing up time on the ramp. The MOT-led demand spike means our next morning delivery service is needed now more than ever. By contrast, our competitors claim to offer a next day service, but in reality, have early order deadlines and often use couriers to deliver products, resulting in longer, multi-day lead times.”

The Klarius emissions control range provides parts to fit 24 million vehicles on UK roads, covering over 11,000 individual applications. Exhausts, catalytic converters (CATs), diesel particulate filters (DPFs), bespoke mounting kits and accessories are available for vehicles of almost any make, model, age and body type. This breadth of range ensures that customers have unrivalled choice when sourcing parts to carry out exhaust repairs.

Availability is guaranteed across this wide range thanks to dynamic manufacturing and extensive warehousing. Klarius tailors its exhaust production with sales data, maintaining healthy stock levels to meet demand for both popular and niche parts. This stock is held in large warehouses ready for immediate dispatch to stockists and distributors.

Mark adds,

“Manufacturers across various industries are continuing to see raw material availability challenges together with escalating cost pressure, especially when looking at aluminised and perforated steel. By working closely with both longstanding and new suppliers, we have secured our supply chain and inventories at a time when competitors are experiencing shortages and availability outages, problems which will likely increase with the MOT-driven spike in demand.”

By managing all aspects of the supply process, Klarius offers a robust, reliable and speedy delivery service – ideal for MOT repairs.