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LKQ Euro Car Parts launches Test to Earn initiative to help garages drive battery sales

Date: Wednesday 26 October 2022

Understandably, drivers tend to blame the cold when their car won’t start on a dark winter’s morning.

But a lot of the issues that come to light in winter can be traced back to warmer summer climes – which means they’re already present in vehicles that are coming into workshops now.

LKQ Euro Car Parts has launched a new initiative to encourage garages to test every vehicle as standard, and reap the benefits in terms of customer loyalty and opportunities to upsell.

Marketing Director Colin Cottrell explains:

“This summer we saw prolonged spells of searing heat, which can have severe consequences on the life of a car battery. Extreme temperatures can weaken the battery plates, limiting the amount of charge they can hold or supply on demand, and making them less effective.
“As it gets colder and vehicles’ engine oil becomes more congealed, the engine will require more power to start. And at the same time we rely more on features like lights, heaters and windscreen wipers, which use a lot of charge. That’s why battery issues often don’t present themselves until winter comes around.”

To help technicians prevent a surge in battery failures over the months ahead, LKQ Euro Car Parts has announced the return of its ‘Test to Earn’ initiative. Exclusively available to LKQ Euro Car Parts customers, ‘Test to Earn’ encourages garages to test batteries as standard whenever any vehicle is bought in for servicing and repair.

As well as putting the spotlight on good battery health, the initiative will help workshops generate additional revenue through increased battery sales. Those who sign up will receive a battery tester worth £400, which is theirs to keep if they achieve a pre-agreed three-month target for batteries sold.

Colin Cottrell added:

“More than 40% of breakdowns every year in the UK are caused by a faulty battery, and every year thousands of vehicles are towed off to fix a problem that could have been prevented.
“Battery testing doesn’t take long to do and presents a win-win scenario for the technician: if the battery is in good shape then the customer can rest assured that they won’t be caught short, but if the battery is on its way out, the likelihood is that the customer will pay to have it replaced.
“Engaging customers in the process will go a long way towards building trust – and with statistics showing that one in three vehicles entering a workshop requires a new battery, it also represents huge earning potential.”

LKQ Euro Car Parts partners with leading battery brands ERA, Bosch, VARTA and Exide, and recently announced the expansion of its own Starline battery range.

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