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Londoners dodge new ULEZ charges and save with a new electric car on subscription

Date: Thursday 14 October 2021

London drivers could subscribe to a brand new and fully insured electric car for less than it will cost to be allowed to drive their existing vehicle in the capital when the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) expands later in the month.

The ULEZ zone will grow massively on October 25th to cover everything within the North and South Circular Roads. From that point, those driving older and more polluting diesel, petrol and even hybrid cars will pay £27.50 a day for the privilege (£12.50 for the ULEZ charge and £15 for the London Congestion Charge).

For a motorist who uses his or her car for work, and drives in the capital Monday-Friday, that will add up to an eye-watering £550 a month.

But, with fully electric cars being totally exempt from both charges, leading vehicle subscription site Wagonex has revealed how savvy drivers can trade-in their older internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles for brand new eco-friendly alternatives - and still save money.

For example, an electric BMW i3 supplied by Wagonex would offer a saving of over £100 per month… And that’s before fuel savings and other running costs are eliminated.

Currently available for immediate delivery on, at the time of writing, five of the best and most popular fully-electric models on the market are all available fully insured for less than the monthly cost of driving in London after October 25th. offers a huge range of electric cars available on subscription for anything between one and 36 months. The platform offers drivers vehicle solutions without long-term financial commitment, with maintenance and insurance all wrapped up into one neat monthly payment.

Vehicle subscription has recently been identified as the ideal solution for those who aren’t sure whether the switch to electric is suitable for them.

A recent survey conducted by Yonder revealed over a quarter (28%) of respondents were not fully convinced by the purchase of an electric vehicle but would be interested in trying one for a month. Vehicle subscription allows drivers to try different vehicles on a temporary basis, making it the perfect way to evaluate the everyday usability of an EV.