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Lumileds supports next generation technicians with Philips product

Date: Thursday 28 April 2022

In what is set to be the first steps of a wider national initiative, Lumileds is delighted to have partnered with Coventry College’s Motor Vehicle Department for the supply of Philips vehicle lighting and workshop equipment.

Coventry has long been one of the UK’s main centres for vehicle manufacturing and general automotive business, so it is fitting that Lumileds has been able to forge a link to the next generation of automotive technicians and engineers through Coventry College.

“As soon as you walk into the automotive department of Coventry College you are struck by how impressive their facilities are,” explains Lumileds’ UK country manager, Richard Armstrong. “The set-up is really first rate - better, in fact, than many workshops I have visited - and the enthusiasm for the industry shines through from those involved in both administering the college and those actually training our future workshop technicians. As someone raised in the city, in a family steeped in the industry, it is really impressive to know that Coventry is still looking to a top-level automotive future and Lumileds is delighted to be able to help this come about, with our supply of Philips lighting products into the college.”

Lumileds is supplying bulbs from Philips multi award-winning range of headlights, positional and interior lights, as well as products from the new - and now Auto Express Test-winning - Philips Xperion LED Inspection lamps range, that look set to raise the bar once again in workshop lighting.

Richard recently attended Coventry College’s symposium on electric and hybrid vehicles, and has accepted an invitation from the college’s faculty manager, Emma Ingram and head automotive lecturer, Ian Wilson (pictured on either side of Richard at the event) to guest lecture to the students, in order to give them a more in-depth understanding of current developments in automotive lighting and the topic in general.

The tie-in with Coventry College is the first in what is planned to be a national initiative for Lumileds. “There are some great automotive faculties around the UK and developing skills to bring on new talent is vitally important to the future of our industry,” continues Richard Armstrong. “Lumileds is therefore setting up a new structure to help both the educational establishments and the students themselves, to give them the chance them to use top level product and to understand why quality counts in all aspects of the industry - in both product and service.”

Colleges and Universities who would like further information can contact Richard Armstrong: