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MAHLE introduces new fuel-efficient filter references to meet market demand

Date: Wednesday 12 April 2023

MAHLE Aftermarket UK has added 18 new-to-range filters to its product range, to meet the growing demand for energy fuel-efficient filters in the market.

The aftermarket specialist is committed to expanding its varied range to cover the growing vehicle parc and offering OE quality parts. As the market requires products that are more energy efficient, MAHLE has launched its latest new-to-range filters to meet this need.

MAHLE’s new additions include parts across its fuel, hydraulic, air, oil and urea filter product portfolios. This includes a new air filter (LX4912) to cover Volvo XC40, an oil filter (OX1350) suitable for Vauxhall Astra K and Insignia B, and a hydraulic filter (HX196KIT) to cover the Mercedes-Benz transmission type 725.0.

Alan Povey, Quality, Warranty and Technical Manager at MAHLE, comments:

“As the drive for greater efficiency and less pollution from vehicle engines accelerates, it is having a positive impact on vehicle filtration systems. Many of the systems currently used in both petrol and diesel engines are dependent on high technology filters that work to maximise performance, economy and reduce harmful emissions.
“Hybrid and electric vehicles have also changed the focus of where and what type of filtration is required. Electric vehicles create heat in the batteries that need managing with complex cooling and filtration systems to deliver a safe clean and reliable experience, the demand for filters will still be there.
“The future for filtration is changing and becoming more complex as vehicles become more technology-driven and the changing face of a vehicle’s engine presents many opportunities for the filtration industry as a whole.”

MAHLE offers customers a traffic light system that helps them to easily identify products that are ‘ones-to-watch’ and ‘important-to-stock.’

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