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MOTUL now available for cycle enthusiasts

Date: Tuesday 14 March 2023

MOTUL is using its high level of expertise in the lubricant and vehicle care sectors to enter the bicycle market for the first time - with eight new consumer products - as the launch of its new global Bicycle programme.

For 170 years, Motul has built up a unique reputation for quality and innovation with automotive enthusiasts and, on two wheels, with the most demanding riders. Becoming the top selling lubricant brand in the country for Motorbikes has come through its products being renowned for both performance and protection. This has come about through a passion for excellence and a willingness to confront some of the biggest technological challenges.

Everything this embodies has now been put into Motul’s new range of Bicycle products. For example, two different chain lubricants use innovative ester technology - originally developed for motor sports - to guarantee exceptionally long-lasting lubrication with a particularly stable molecular structure.

The Bicycle market is not only booming, it is also a fantastic mix of enthusiasm and embracing a very modern, efficient way to travel, to move, to exercise, and much more. Cycling today is a mix of tradition, technology and passion.

The new Motul Bike line comprises a highly effective and environmentally friendly range of products. Each has been specifically designed with the benefit of Motul’s expertise and experience for two wheels and four. The range is the first ever to be distributed across the globe with both a high performance and sustainable offer:

“We wanted to be the experts for performance and sustainable products - to mix both,” explains Callum Goodland, Motul UK Country manager. “Some of our competitors are really good on the performance side of bicycle products but are lacking in sustainability. Others are strong in sustainability but not on performance. So, we see that sweet spot as a good market for us, as we offer both qualities.”

All Motul Bike Care products are sustainably produced and packaged, employing biodegradable care and maintenance fluids, which are contained in 100% recycled packaging or made from bio-source plastic.

The Cleaners have been developed with the best materials for great performance, yet are specially formulated not to damage either the health of the user or, indeed, of the planet itself. Therefore, on the packaging, there are no pictograms warning of dangerous chemicals, because the formulas are clean, solvent-free and water-based. This is also why Motul doesn’t have any aerosols in the range.

The results are unique formulas, making use, in the case of the range’s Chain Lubes for instance, of Motul’s experience with Ester technology - which Motul introduced to the automotive world, having seen its benefits in aircraft lubrication - to offer the highest protection and optimal chain functioning, whatever the conditions.

Motul product manager Rebecca Ramos explains:

“The idea came about two years ago. We saw a big increase in demand for bicycles due to Covid, and also people switching to new types of mobility that are healthier and more environmentally friendly. We thought it was a good opportunity as it’s a growing market and allows us to get into more diverse products. After our market research, we decided to target hobby cyclists, especially people who are really passionate about their bikes and want to gain some efficiencies. That’s why we developed our chain lubes with esters, for example. We tried to match what we’re doing with engine oils.”

This new range answers the four most important and essential needs for bicycle users: degreasing, cleaning, lubricating and providing preventive maintenance. Delivering the best in performance and protection is rooted deep in Motul’s core, as is the drive to explore new areas to expand the brand’s reach with enthusiasts, and the desire to be part of all types of mobility – both current and as new forms develop.

This new range initially comprises eight products:

Cleaning: Motul Frame Clean, Motul Dry Clean, Motul Chain Clean, Motul Brake Clean

Lubrication and Prevention: Chain Lube Dry, Chain Lube Wet, EZ Lube, Tubeless Tire Sealant

Always being one step ahead of the competition is already in MOTUL’s DNA.

“With our chain lubricants, for example, we rely on a variation of the innovative ester technology used in our engine oils. But the extra effort in production certainly pays off later on,” explains Motul UK Technical Specialist, Has Tahier. “Lubricants with ester technology retain their excellent lubricating properties even after a long period of use and pro- vide optimal protection, especially for the hardest-working components such as gears, chains, or sprockets. This means they surpass the performance of existing chain lubricants, such as those which use PTFE. All bicycles are ideally protected against wear with these new products, no matter whether it’s a road bike, mountain bike, or even an e-bike,”
“We are very well known in Powersport, for example motorbikes, and, of course also in Motorsport. We see a lot of synergy between these arenas and bicycles,” comments Motul UK General Sales and Marketing Manager, Andy Wait. ‘For example, professional riders and race drivers invariably train on bicycles. These products are for really passionate people who love using their bikes, and who also look after them well. Motul Bike Care is a significant and entirely logical extension of Motul’s commitment and ambition. The first feedback, internationally, has been fantastic. I’d recommend that anyone who cares about their bicycle gives Motul Bike Care a try, as they’re good for your bike and good for your conscience!!”