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NAPA launches new booster cables in 2022 winter range update

Date: Monday 24 October 2022

Automotive aftermarket manufacturer NAPA has released its new range of booster cables in the UK as part of an update to their pre-existing Winter Essentials catalogue.

Winter seasons can be the most taxing for vehicles, drivers, and garage technicians. From frosted windshields to flat batteries, NAPA’s winter products help customers weather the storm. The range already features a comprehensive catalogue of antifreeze, screenwash, de-icer, ice scrapers, winter kits, and with booster cables joining the list in October 2022.

A range of options are available under both NAPA and NAPA PROFORMER to suit most needs and applications. NAPA Booster Cables are a must-have to prepare for the cold months ahead. A flat battery can happen at any time — but the odds increase during winter when the battery is negatively impacted by low temperatures.

All cables feature flexible colour-coded safe-grip handles and heavy-duty insulated clips. For safe storage in a car boot or garage, the cables are also supplied in a handy carry bag.

For more information on NAPA and their Winter Essentials product catalogue, visit the NAPA website to find or become a stockist.