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NAPA launches new braking range

Date: Friday 05 May 2023

Automotive aftermarket manufacturer NAPA has announced one of its biggest product launches to date with the introduction of NAPA Braking in the United Kingdom. The NAPA and pre-existing NAPA PROFORMER product ranges offer a two-tiered braking solution for exceptional coverage.

Precision-made using advanced robotic technology, the new NAPA Braking range undergoes testing more demanding than R90 and R13 industry standards to guarantee every product meets or exceeds OE specifications.

NAPA Braking wears up to 3 times slower for an extended lifespan (in comparison to NAPA PROFORMER), benefits from a shorter stopping distance and bedding-in time, and boasts an excellent AA noise rating level.

NAPA Brake Pads are developed with directional pad technology, triple-layer shims, and efficient chamfering to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) for a smooth and silent braking experience. CleanCoat™ technology and a premium ProBed scorching treatment — only offered on premium brand pads — enhance the performance of the pad while reducing bedding-in time.

Furthering NAPA’s commitment to quality, NAPA Brake Pads use an environmentally friendly EcoBond adhesive and exceed EU regulations by eliminating heavy metals.

NAPA Brake Discs provide the ultimate quality assurance for optimised cooling and braking. Manufactured with a warp-resistant OE vent design and anti-corrosion Onyx Guard protective coating for premium rust protection, NAPA Brake Discs go the extra mile. The non-directional finish further reduces pad NVH and shortens the bedding-in phase.

With over 1,300 SKUs in the range, NAPA Braking offers quality brake parts to cover 99% of all cars and LCVs in the UK and Ireland, including electric vehicles. NAPA Brake Pads and Discs are designed to be direct replacements for OE parts; this is backed by a 3-year/36,000-mile no-quibble warranty. This is a notable elevation from the 25-month/25,000-mile warranty offered by the existing NAPA PROFORMER range.

Also available in the NAPA product portfolio is a quality selection of brake fluid, hydraulics, hoses, and more to offer a comprehensive solution for all your automotive needs. For more information on NAPA or their braking catalogue, visit the NAPA website to find or become a stockist.