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New, advanced dust boot technology brings maximum durability to MOOG steering and suspension parts

Date: Monday 15 May 2023

MOOG® steering and suspension components now include an important new engineering feature that helps professional installers deliver longer-lasting repairs: premium dust boots manufactured from an advanced thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) elastomer that significantly outperforms and outlasts the conventional chloroprene rubber material used in many competing parts.

The new TPU boot material – used with MOOG ball joints, link stabilisers, tie rod ends and assemblies, and track control arms – offers up to 180% greater resistance to common forms of mechanical degradation and 30% greater resistance to high temperatures. The new material also is far more resistant to wear caused by brake dust, fuel, road salt, wheel cleaners as well as environmental exposure.

Standard dust boots manufactured from chloroprene rubber are highly susceptible to these types of wear, increasing the risk of boot failure and damage to the parts’ articulating joints.

In addition to the longer-lasting, better performing boot material, the durability of MOOG parts is extended through the use of metal sealing rings that hold the boot firmly in place to better retain grease and lock out dirt, water and other contaminants. The combination of the new TPU boots and metal sealing rings help protect the articulating joints of MOOG parts up to two times longer than competing designs.

“Professional installers are looking for parts that enhance their reputations and strengthen their customer relationships through longer service life and outstanding performance,” said Robbie De Moor, Steering and Suspension Product Director EMEA, DRiV Motorparts.
“That’s why MOOG introduces innovative, road-tested technologies that go the extra mile. Initially this new feature will cover our most popular part numbers and will be applied to a wider range in future”.

Many MOOG parts also include the brand’s patented Hybrid Core Technology, featuring an induction-treated ball stud and highly advanced, carbon fibre-reinforced bearing that together deliver superior strength, performance and safety characteristics. Extensive testing has shown that this proprietary technology also reduces the development of radial deflection, or play, by up to 42%. These parts also feature specialized coatings and premium-quality synthetic grease formulated to prolong component life under even the most extreme operating conditions.

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