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New Delphi Technologies Academy Pass-thru training empowers technicians with dealer-level diagnostic capability

Date: Tuesday 03 May 2022

Delphi Technologies is literally giving independents the tools to grow its service offering in line with that of main dealers after enhancing its online training platform with a new module on Pass-thru technology.

Aimed specifically at technicians and garages wanting to take advantage of powerful vehicle manufacturer level diagnostics, the new three-part module complements its Bluetech VCI diagnostic tool and unravels the myths of the often mis-understood, yet increasingly common, technology.

Featuring the basics of Pass-thru diagnostics, the course presents an easily digested five-minute overview video, followed by a hardware setup video and a quiz to test learning. The whole module takes less than 25 minutes to complete, and is worth 0.4 credits within the Institute of Motor Industry (IMI) accreditation scheme.

The principle of Pass-thru is based on giving independent garages the same diagnostics and ECU-programming capability as a main dealer. This is achieved by accessing VM data via a specifically designed piece of hardware such as Delphi’s BlueTech diagnostic tool.

The BlueTech Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) is a powerful, universal interface which enables Pass-thru functionality and its usage is covered in Delphi’s latest elearning module. The online learning system also provides information specific to using each individual manufacturer’s portal – this is critical to a successful adoption of Pass-thru capability as every VM has a different way of hosting and accessing the data.

Phil Mitchell, Technical Services Manager, Delphi Technologies Aftermarket, said:

“Pass-thru is a powerful diagnostic tool, but it must be used carefully. The Academy training gives technicians a robust grounding in Pass-thru basics, empowering them for OEM-level repairs. Ultimately, this means your facility can offer customers dealer-level support without the cost.”

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