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New MAGflex range from Ring provides a ‘light for every job’

Date: Tuesday 08 February 2022

Ring has launched the RIL6000 series, a professional range of inspection lamps within its multi award-winning MAGflex range, providing vehicle technicians and enthusiasts with the required lighting for any job, while highlighting its commitment to embracing evolving technology.

With the aim of streamlining its MAGflex offering, Ring has introduced four uniquely designed inspection lamps, with each product specially designed to offer complete versatility and reliability in the workshop.

The RIL6000 range provides a light for any requirement, with the MAGflex Mini 250 (RRP £34.99) offering a compact but powerful lamp, with a lumen output of 250lm, and complete flexibility including a 180-degree flex base ratchet mechanism to position the light where you need it. Plus, there is a hook and magnets for hands-free working. A torch on top of the unit provides a focused directional light for detailed work.

For a slightly more powerful option, technicians can opt for the MAGflex Max 500 (RRP £49.99), offering a bright white light output of 500lm lumen for complete illumination of the engine bay. As well has having a 180-degree flex mechanism, the head of the lamp twists 360 degrees for shining light where it is needed, without constantly repositioning. The torch on top is a UV torch to help with leak detection. Again, magnets and a hook allow for hands free working.

The MAGflex Slim 500 (RRP £39.99) provides technicians with a versatile lamp, enabling them to shine a light in the darkest of places thanks to its enhanced adjustability with its slim, foldable design and 270-degree twist. When folded down and twisted the torch can act as a compact search light. Like the other two lamps it comes with magnets and hook for hands free working.

Finally, the MAGflex Headtorch 250 (RRP £34.99) offers the technician a hands-free option, as the rechargeable headtorch with an integrated motion sensor can simply be strapped to the user’s head, providing a direct light source wherever needed.

The new lamps are built to last, with impact protection rating of IK7 or IK8 and have IP54 or IP65 rating to prevent dust and water ingress. All the lamps are rechargeable via USB-C technology for a more secure and consistent charge connection.

Ring recognises that an inspection lamp is often a technician’s best friend and therefore it’s essential that they are designed with durability in mind to withstand busy workshop environments.

All products within the RIL6000 range offer a robust and reliable performance and have been extensively tested in Ring’s on-site ISO:9001-accredited Quality Assurance facility. Bright, portable, rechargeable and resistant to oil and dirt, they are tough enough to withstand the knocks in a workshop, whatever the job.

Ease of use has also been considered, with all products featuring one-button control, up to six hours of operating time and a light-weight design.

Ring Automotive’s Workshop Lighting Product Manager, Roisin Gaughan commented:

“We know how important strong lighting is when working on any vehicle. It’s therefore essential that technicians have access to a good quality inspection lamp at all times to ensure bright light can be shed in even the darkest of places.
“Our MAGflex range has been incredibly popular with technicians thanks to its award-winning brightness and durability. Never one to rest on our laurels, we’ve listened to our customers to identify the core benefits and requirements and have streamlined the range with our new RIL6000 series to provide a light for every job.”

RIL6100 MAGflex Mini250 – SRP £34.99
RIL6200 MAGflex Max500 – SRP £49.99
RIL6300 MAGflex Slim500 – SRP £39.99
RIL6400 MAGflex Headtorch 250 - SRP £34.99