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NOCO welcomes FG7 to family of distributors

Date: Monday 18 July 2022

The NOCO Company are delighted to welcome FG7 of N. Ireland to its family of distributors in Europe. The partnership will see FG7 offer NOCO’s market leading battery maintenance products including BOOST Lithium Jump Starters and GENIUS Smart Battery Chargers through its network of 32 factor businesses in N. Ireland.

Peter Cox, General Manager at FG7 was keen to point out that these class leading products are not widely available in Northern Ireland and that overnight FG7 have the best and widest stock holding off the shelf and ready for supply. Cox went on to say “we are very excited to be partnering with NOCO and anticipate rapid sales growth. This is a fabulous range and all our members are delighted to have it available for them to sell.”

Gary Vincent, Sales Director for UK, Ire & Benelux added:

"We have recognised for some time the importance of FG7 regionally in N. Ireland and we're delighted to be working with their team to deliver a world class battery maintenance proposition for its customer base".

The FG7 stocked NOCO range includes the following best-selling product families:

  • NOCO BOOST lithium jump starters are ultra-portable, lightweight, and compact— they blow traditional bulky lead-acid jump starters out of the water and make jumper cables seem old-fashioned and troublesome. With Boost® you can safely jump start a flat battery in seconds— even the smallest option jump starts up to 20 times on a single charge. This technology allows battery packs to be up to 80% smaller than their Lead Acid alternatives.
  • NOCO BOOST-X. Extreme Power. Introducing a new kind of jump-starting experience featuring our latest PX Lithium Technology that delivers incredible power, ultra-fast charging, and unmatched versatility. This isn't an upgrade— it's a whole new series. The new Boost X offers more starting power and unleashes maximum power delivery for the most demanding starts. Paired with USB-C Power Delivery technology to recharge insanely fast. Boost X is now turbo-chargeable. It is equipped with USB-C technology that, combined with power delivery, gives you lightning-fast recharges. Go from 0% to jump starting in just minutes of charging. With Boost X’s 60W USB-C input and output, it is possible to charge up to 5X faster. Use compatible chargers up to 60W to increase your charging speed.
  • NOCO GENIUS Battery Chargers, re-engineered from the ground up with new architecture and advanced micro electronics, this new range is better than ever; up to 40% smaller and 65% more powerful than their predecessors making them one of the smallest yet powerful product ranges on the market. The GENIUS range is featured packed, fully automatic and able to charge any battery chemistry in existence today from zero volts, including Lead Acid, AGM, EFB, Wet Cell, Marine, Deep Cycle and Lithium, this is truly a one charger fits all for both retail and pro workshop users. Available in 1a, 2a, 5a, 10a and multi-bank options. For pro users… 25a and 50a models are available with battery support capability.

For more information on this exciting range please contact or your local FG7 Motor Factor in Northern Ireland.