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NOx Sensor suitable for: Scania

Date: Thursday 10 February 2022

Art. no.: 2.27189 - replaces 2294290

NOx stands for the most important nitrogen oxides, namely nitrogen monoxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and consists of the atoms N (nitrogen) and O (oxygen). NOx sensors measure the concentration of oxygen and nitrogen oxide in the composition of the exhaust gas and can be located behind and in front of the SCR catalyst. They make it possible to check the functionality of the exhaust gas cleaning system and determine exactly when maintenance should be performed or when defective components need to be replaced.

The NOx sensor from DT Spare Parts convinces in particular with its high-quality processing with regard to cables and plugs as well as reliable temperature insulation.

Tips & tricks:
Before replacing the sensor, please check the sensor wiring for damage and contact resistance; also check the exhaust system for damage and leakage.

In the event of the following problems, the NOx sensor should also be checked for correct function and replaced if necessary:

  • Poor engine running due to incorrect adjustment values for mixture adaptation
  • Insufficient emissions values
  • Power loss
  • Clogging of the particle filter
  • Limited AdBlue adjustment

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