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The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

One hundred days in the life of the IAAF

Date: Friday 12 November 2021

IAAF Chief Executive Mark Field has produced a progress report on the IAAF and its activities over the first 100 days of its financial year, beginning 1 August.

The Federation’s work since 1 August has been plentiful and incredibly varied, typifying the work the IAAF does on behalf of its members.

Over 70 meetings have been held in the past 100 days with members, fellow associations and government departments and the IAAF has participated in a number of discussions around issues affecting our trade.

The Federation has also launched new initiatives such as our new products and services eBulletin to 7500 garages, held our first hybrid industry briefing meeting, and also participated in numerous consultations on the connected car and Northern Ireland MOT test frequency.

The Federation has significantly increased its digital reach and used these platforms to provide clarity on the numerous issues affecting automotive businesses, particularly those of the global supply chain. Traffic to the IAAF website has also increased significantly.

Our “perfect storm” articles have been some of the most read pages on our website and I would like to thank you for all the contributions we have received.

It is key that, while we maintain robust communication both within European and UK governments, we must also work hard as a federation to positively affect and support member businesses as directly as possible.

This is a key target for the Federation going forward, as we extend our reach further throughout the supply chain. The Federation will continue to proactively support its membership and bring about tangible benefits to both member businesses and employees.

Finally, the IAAF Virtual Conference has attracted widespread support and thanks go to all those that are sponsoring the event. Visitor registration details can be found here:

Please also send through your nominations for our Pride of Aftermarket awards to The nomination form can be found here:

Summary of IAAF activities – past 100 days