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Online Ratchet Builder Now Live!

Date: Friday 04 February 2022

K&S McKenzie Ltd. are pleased to share the news that they have launched their very own online Ratchet Builder, enabling you to build your own basic lashing systems via their Tool Centre website.

Not only can you “build” your own custom ratchet straps, but you can also see the product and pricing prior to generating your order. This not only ensures that you get the exact product you need, but it also reduces wait times compared to waiting for a traditional quotation via a sales team.

K&S McKenzie’s new online ratchet strap builder is the first of its kind in the UK and offers customisable lengths, fittings, ratchet handles, colours, and printing options.

Once your order is placed, it will be sent to their Ratchet Shop where a member of their in-house team will create your custom lashing by hand.

Following the placing of your order, account holders will receive an invoice as standard and be contacted when their item is due to be collected or delivered. Non-account holders will be contacted to arrange payment as due to the nature of custom orders items must be paid for upfront.

Click here to check out the Ratchet Builder, or contact K&S McKenzie on 01228 528218 or for further information.