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OSRAM brightens up autumn with promotional offers

Date: Wednesday 26 October 2022

Lighting specialists, OSRAM, has revealed its latest bulb promotional offers to give customers, stockists and garages the chance to stock up on bulbs ahead of the MOT surge as it urges technicians to check, change in pairs and upgrade when it comes to vehicle lighting.

Checking all of a vehicle’s lights thoroughly is a quick and easy process, and also essential to ensure they are functioning and working as they should do. This should be applied to every vehicle going through the workshop for servicing, says OSRAM. Faulty bulbs are still one of the most common reasons for MOT failure and the most inexpensive part to fix.

Not only are faulty bulbs a potential danger for the driver, but their passengers and other road users are also at risk. Heading into the winter months with reduced light and more challenging road conditions if a bulb is blown or not working properly means the vehicle becomes unroadworthy and customers could be falling foul of the law.

In preparation for autumn and winter, powerful and good quality lights are essential to be seen in dark conditions. All OSRAM bulb products are designed to ensure better visibility to help motorists react quicker to traffic signs and potential hazards.

OSRAM is offering discounts on its trusty H7 NIGHT BREAKER® LASER +150% duo packs. These upgrade headlight bulbs provide up to 150 percent more brightness and up to 150m beam and 20 percent whiter light.

The deal also extends to OSRAM’s award-winning NIGHT BREAKER® 200 range in the compact counter display. This easy-to-assemble display unit is perfect for retailers to upsell to a brighter headlight bulb instead of a standard bulb.

And for technicians, the display unit allows them quick access to profitable upgrade bulb replacements.

For more information on the autumn winter bulb deals from OSRAM contact the customer service team: T: 0113 213 2000 / E: